• Anna Natt completed her flamenco studies at the Fundación Christina Herren de Arte Flamenco in Sevilla, Spain and furthered her studies with different teachers, most notably Israel Galvan.

    She is a soloist in the Swiss contemporary flamenco company “el contrabando” and teaches at Centro Flamenco dance school in Berlin.

    Her work explores the intersection of flamenco, performance art and video dance. In 2011 she collaborated with award winning filmmaker Dalia Castel to make the experimental flamenco dance film Grotesquería. Grotesquería has been shown in numerous festivals around the world and was the winner of the Cinedans One-Minute Dance Contest contest at the 2011 Dutch Dance Festival (Nederlandse Dansdagen) and the audience favorite at the 2013 Facade Video Festival. It was also shown as a live performance at the 100 Grad Festival in Berlin. Her solo performance Uro premiered at the 2013 euro-scene Festival Leipzig´s competition Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo and shown at Ada Studios´ performance series 10x6, Blauverschiebung Festival and the 9x22 Performance Series in Minneapolis, USA. It premiered as a full length multimedia solo performance in June 2014 at Haus der Kunst, Switzerland and was invited to the Schaubühne Lindenfels in March 2015 and Acker Stadt Palast in June 2015.Her project Der Dybbuk, or Dolores, it´s time to hang up the castanets! with the Leipziger Synagogalchor was co-produced by Schauspielhaus Leipzig and the euro-scene Festival Leipzig and premiered at the 2014 euro-scene festival. Der Dybbuk was also be shown at the Jüdische Woche Leipzig 2015.

    Herztätigkeit, a collaboration with Hamburg based musician and artist Nicolas Baginsky, took inspiration from the life and work of Russian Flamenco dancer Sylvin Rubinstein as was developed in residency at the Fleetstreet Theater Hamburg.