Not Flamenco trainings enable participants to extract aspects of Flamenco in order to apply them to other types of performance and movement. By approaching this form through a contemporary lens, Flamenco is able to become a universal language free from its traditional associations. Participants will be taught how to harness Flamenco forms and stylistically reinvent and repurpose them according to their individual expression and artistic interests.

    This workshop is open to movers of all backgrounds and levels who are curious to interact with this art form on a personal level and without the weight of tradition. Each session will start with a warm-up that will center us in our bodies. Once we've activated our awareness we will concentrate on the basics of Flamenco dance such as constructing the Flamenco body (Körperhaltung), the interplay of the upper and lower body, basic Flamenco rhythms and percussive footwork. A main focus of the training will be defining and exploring which aspects characterize the flamenco body and the quality of flamenco movement: dynamic stillness, building up and releasing energy and how and when a phrase or movement is really finished. Participants will have the opportunity to experiment with these concepts through their introduction to several unique flamenco rhythms and forms, such as Remate, Pellizco, Jaleo and Llamada. The application of these flamenco techniques will lead to a deeper understanding of the body and its nuances.