We all remember our first time. Nervously fumbling for a condom, awkward small talk and deep, existential doubt. Wouldn’t it be great to revisit that experience, but this time surrounded by loving and savvy friends, ready to offer advice and encouragement at the crucial times. We invite you to join the Virginity workshop to offer you the loss of your virginity with all the excitement and celebration that nature intended. You will have extra hands to help rip open the condom wrapper, pass you the lube and pick out the perfect music to set the mood. We would like to create a space in which one can relive the vulnerability of the first time by letting go of a current virginity. Bring the virginity you want to let go of and we will take it from you. All virgins are welcome here. From PIV to CIA and everything in between, if you have it, we can help you loose it. Priority will be given to the most creative and/or urgent virginities. Join us and have a first time to remember!