Forget images of oiled and horny Bacchanalia, screaming collective orgasms and gushing fountains of squirt. Here we will revel in sloth and engage in lazy f*cking. Hook up with those with whom we share no chemistry and consciously explore the pleasure of the Bore-gasm. 

In the Bore_gy we will challenge the idea that desire or attraction are the best reasons for having sex or interacting with another person. We will explore boredom as process and experiment with sensations of abjection and disgust. Can these sensations also arouse?

For those who have crossed it all off their bucket list, there is nothing left but ennui. For those who are just beginning, this is the inevitable end and final stop on the path to enlightenment.

Luxurious boredom…the Bore-gy.

28./29.07.2023 Xplore Berlin