Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome to this year’s role play space – an enticing roil of all that happens on actual and conceptual stages! A hybrid cabaret, theater, circus, ballet, performance, happening and artificial hell.

Grab your program at the entrance, and take the backstage tour where dominant directors will guide you through experimental performances, skilled dramaturgs will re-script the show and perverted actors will challenge your method. Work with our talented stagehands behind the scenes to make the magic happen and don’t worry if you forget your lines, our souffleuse is always ready to help and the stage manager is on standby, making sure everything runs smoothly. 

As Shakespeare once said, “All the world is a stage and all the people merely players,” and we couldn’t agree more. So get over your stage fright, step into the spotlight and proudly declare “YES, AND?” Break the fourth wall or break a leg because the show must go on. And remember to enjoy life, because this is not a dress rehearsal!

Stage design: Dˋoro Photos: @chrislatido

Xplore Berlin 2023


The Woo Woo Clinic is an alternative wellness center – a cross between clinic, hospital, retreat and sanitarium, a space of convalescence and coalescent healing. Here both science and quackery are given equal consideration. Medicine is necessary, but sometimes all we need is a little woo-woo.

What residual effects have the past few years had on the feelings we have toward our own bodies and the bodies of others? What will be the long term affects of perceiving proximity to other bodies as a threat? We are in need of healing, but who knows what form it should take?

At the reception you will fill out a patient form then be released into our care facilities to encounter the highly qualified staff – dominant doctors conducting clinical trials, perverted nurses administering medicine through alternative routes, therapists treating patients with unconventional methods and faith healers offering cathartic group rituals.