Filmed at the IDOCDE symposium at ImPulsTanz 2017

Many folkloric practices grew out of shared identities based on geographical location, religion or ethnicity. Such shared identities are often associated with homogeneity, as the individual melts into a group in order to achieve a united, cultural body. By approaching this aspect of folklore from a purely physical perspective, it is able to become a universal language that enables different bodies to come together and communicate on a visceral level freed from the weight of tradition. Future Folklore focuses on movement scores that are impossible in a single body. We will start each day with a warm up to center us in our bodies before moving on to work in a conjoined body which will allow us to access the expanding of the senses that inevitably occurs when in close contact with others. There will be an emphasis on subtle muscular communication and receptivity to another body while experimenting with different ways to find common physical movement. This workshop is open to all levels!